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Hi My name is Rana Owner/Personal Trainer
the photo shown above is my personal before and after

 50lbs down!  

My life changed in 2008 when I took a job offer working for Fitness USA in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The position was in sales/instructor. Sure enough my love for fitness and a healthier lifestyle began! Roughly four months into the sales/instructor position I was offered a promotion as an Assistant Manager, which I gratefully accepted. The position came with much more responsibility but I was up for the challenge. Sadly, Fitness USA closed there doors after three years of my employment with them. I continued working in the same industry and accepted a job working for Anytime Fitness in Clinton Township, Michigan. At Anytime Fitness I was only a membership sales advisor and I was unable to do the things I loved, which was helping people live a better and healthier lifestyle through working out and eating right. I woke up one morning and decided today was the day, I wanted and needed to live my DREAM and change life's. I went to work with a letter of resignation which gave my employer a two week notice. During those two weeks I found the school that fit my needs best. I decided to attend the International Sports Sciences Association better known as ISSA.  Six months later I graduated with a personal trainer certification.      
So here I am five years later doing what I love best, changing lives day by day helping people live a better and healthier lifestyle. Working out is not just for weight loss but for feeling energized, relieving stress, and living a healthier lifestyle!  
Working for a gym is great and all but your forced to work by their rules and regulations, to sell their products only, whether or not you believe in them and to charge outrageous session fees.  With this being said, I am doing things less conventional; I am bringing the gym to you and in the comfort of your home! I offer many different packages from once a week to six days a week.  You can pay in full or make payment arrangements - you tell me what works for you!

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